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The ResumePipe Business Process Workflow

Fact sheet

Why Waste Time Manually Processing R?um??

On Monday you advertised for a new position. It's now Wednesday, and you have 50,000 e-mails sitting in your Inbox! With ResumePipe you can eliminate this nightmare in minutes!

Give your Human Resources professionals 3-7 hours back PER DAY by automatically extracting e-mails and attachments ready for import into your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Increase efficiency, lower your costs while keeping accuracy at 100%. ResumePipe does not need OCR technology (scanning) to interpret the text. ResumePipe's text manipulation and cleansing functions are easily the most sophisticated of any product in the market.

ResumePipe can be used in a number of ways

  1. Processing incoming resumes and attachments
  2. Integrate your resume tracking system with job boards such as

    (There is an add-on cost for these filters)
  3. Archiving incoming emails and attachments for historical or archive record keeping purposes, or to meet e-mail retention rules without having your emails stuck in a proprietary database format
  4. Easily audit emails sent and received.
  5. Investigate criminal activity on seized equipment - as used by National Drug Intelligence Centre
  6. Processing incoming data files e.g. Excel spreadsheets, CSV or tab-delimited files for automatic processing. These emails might be sent to you on a regular basis from an external source e.g. product catalogue data, price lists etc.
ResumePipe comes with TextPipe Pro, a sophisticated text processing application that reformats each e-mail and attached resume to your standard format and cleans up any special characters and white space that appears as junk characters or misaligned text.

Intelligent Processing

ResumePipe connects to your e-mail client program, grabs each e-mail and its attachments and combines and saves them to a single file. These files can be easily imported into resume packages such as ResTrac or imported into a database.

ResumePipe's email source/destination tab
Control where e-mails come from and what is done with them after processing, such as moving them to a new folder (Click to enlarge).

So after several tests I became a believer. This wonderfully simple application not only processes every attachment and message, but can also recognize those files that are resumes and process them in any set of predefined formats. It can also filter and automatically strip out any extraneous header or footer data and give you that perfect scannable resume.

Bret Hollander, Net Recruiter

Read full review.


Powerful Text Filtering

Included in the ResumePipe package is TextPipe Pro, a sophisticated but easy to use text processing application that can be used to:

  • Remove garbage characters that commonly appear in e-mails
  • Remove unwanted white space
  • Remove multiple blank lines
  • Reformat text and word wrap it for easy viewing
  • Fix up formatting and common punctuation mistakes
  • Insert processed resumes into your Applicant database
  • Insert processed resumes into an MS Word document, for example - your corporate resume format
  • Write custom code industry-standard VBScript or JScript to augment ResumePipe's inbuilt manipulation filters
  • And much more.

ResumePipe TextPipe Pro filtering tab
Specify a TextPipe Pro filter to cleanse the text files (Click to enlarge).

Consultancy and Design Services
We offer consultancy services to design filters to suit your needs, such as inserting processed resumes directly into your database. We can also generate custom versions of ResumePipe tailored to suit your needs.

Virus Scanning
Virus scanning continues to take place on all opened emails and documents, so your corporate infrastructure remains secure.

Process E-mails from Anywhere
ResumePipe connects to any industry standard MAPI-compliant e-mail software:
  • Connects to Microsoft Outlook (with or without MS Exchange Server)
  • Connects to Lotus Notes, Netscape, Applix Application Suite, Eudora and other MAPI-compliant e-mail software (see our Notes PDF Document white paper)


Attachment Handling
ResumePipe automatically extracts data from Word documents, text files, web pages, Rich Text Files (RTF) and other common document formats. It also processes attachments inside forwarded emails.

Based on their type, attachments can be opened, ignored, printed, saved or flagged for manual handling. Attachment processing can be customized for new attachment types and can also be disabled.

ResumePipe attachment type control window
Control precisely how each attachment type is handled (Click to enlarge).



Check out the powerful functions listed below:

  • Retrieve e-mails from any folder
  • Move processed e-mails to a new folder for archiving, to the Deleted Items folder or simply leave them in place
  • Each e-mail and its attachments are saved to sequentially numbered text files, which are easy to import into resume packages such as ResTrac
  • Control where output files are written, what they are called and how they are numbered
  • Place user defined header and footer text around each e-mail and around each attachment, including e-mail header information like From, To, Subject, Sent etc
  • Process files using TextPipe Pro
  • Automate ResumePipe to run at predetermined times using a scheduler. This makes it easy to setup batches of resumes for processing
  • Handle unlimited e-mails and attachments
  • Process e-mails in various sort orders to suit ATS import requirements.
Some of Our Clients
ResumePipe is used by TMP.WorldWide (owner of, Johnson & Johnson, BEKS Data Services, Houston ISD, Microvision Inc, the National Drug Intelligence Centre, M&T Bank, First Union/Wachovia Bank, LSI Logic and many other large organizations.


ResumePipe runs on Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista®, 2016/2012/2008/2003 Server, XP x32 and x64 and requires Microsoft Word and a MAPI-compliant e-mail system.

The ResumePipe Difference
    right_arrow ResumePipe allows your HR staff to spend their time finding the best candidates for you rather than spending hours on wasteful and unnecessary manual processing.

    right_arrow Unlike other systems, ResumePipe does not use scanning technology (OCR) to interpret each resume. Instead it electronically extracts the content from each attachment, keeping accuracy at 100% (where it should be).

    right_arrow TextPipe Pro (included with ResumePipe) reformats the e-mailed resumes to give a consistent and professional look to resumes.

If you have trouble setting up extraction yourself, why not pay one of our resume parsing experts to do it for you?

Try ResumePipe today!

 Editor's Choice Jun 2005
EditorsPickAward Editor’s pick, their highest award (Jan 2003)

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